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Letter of Intent (LOI)

A letter of intent (LOI) is the term sheet that a buyer puts forward to a potential target stipulating the purchase price, terms and conditions governing the offer. The purchase price or enterprise value is often presented first. However, a LOI also must specify the transaction structure, including what percentage of the purchase price is being offered in cash and non-cash consideration, such as equity in the buyer, vendor take back financing and earnouts, etc. [Source: Divestopedia]

Limited Partnerships (LPs)

Limited partnership is a business organization with one or more general partners, who manage the business and assume legal debts and obligations and one or more limited partners, who are liable only to the extent of their investments. Limited partnership is the legal structure used by most venture and private equity funds. Limited partners also enjoy rights to the partnership’s cash flow, but are not liable for company obligations. [Source: FundingSage]