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Managing Directors (“MD”) & General Partners (“GP”)

Individuals with these titles are almost always the ones who make final decisions on investments & sit on boards. [Source]

Mezzanine Financing

The growth stage of a new business or venture which began late in the “Early Stage” proceeds into later “expansion” stages where they typically require mezzanine or bridge funding. Such funding is usually made up of convertible debt or preferred shares, which are more costly than common and provide investors certain rights over the holders of common equity. Mezzanine financing is typically known as bridge financing because it finances the growth of expanding companies prior to an IPO.

Companies in these later stages of development generally have fully vetted business models, have put in place a broader, multi-functional team, have commercialized their product and achieved reasonable sales momentum and are looking for additional financing to exponentially scale or grow the company. The objective of the mezzanine funding is to add the fuel necessary to accelerate the growth curve of the company significantly. [Source: FundingSage]

Micro VC

Micro-VC firms are usually investing out of a fund that is less than $100M and can invest at the pre-seed and seed stages. They often only have one partner. [Source]