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Pitch Deck

A presentation created by entrepreneurs that details the attributes of a startup opportunity in order to help the entrepreneurs communicate it with investors, in their efforts to raise money to fund their venture. The presentation, which typically includes approximately a dozen slides, provides a summary of the startup’s business plan, and helps investors determine if they have a continued interest in evaluating the company. [Source: FundingSage]


Change directions as a company. This is usually used to describe going after a different market segment or using an established technology for an entirely new purpose. [Source: Forbes]

Principals & Directors

Individuals holding one of these titles will rarely be able to making an investment decision without approval from a more senior individual at the firm. [Source]

Product-Market Fit

Product/Market Fit was a phrase coined by Marc Andreessen. As Kali Albright notes in his answer, Marc said, “Product/market fit means being in a good market with a product that can satisfy that market.”

Product/Market Fit is sufficient demand in a defined marketplace to allow the efficient expenditure of capital (human or financial) to scale company processes such as marketing. [Source]